Expert Repair

Broken or sticking keys
Broken action parts
Worn or damaged hammers
Hammer replacement
String replacement
Action regulation
Pedal Adjustment
Cracked sound board solutions
Key cover/lid (Fall board)
Music rack

Expert Cleaning & Vacuuming

We offer interior and exterior cleaning and vacuuming of acoustic pianos.


Keytops/fronts replacement
Replacement parts

Free Estimates

We give free estimates and no work is done without your express knowledge and approval.

Call with questions or to make an appointment for service

About Me

Gordon E. Harper, Tuner/Technician

The Piano Service Company was established in 1965. We have been serving the Gillette and surrounding area since 1987. We provide an expert, by-ear, tuning of acoustic pianos such as: Spinets, Studio Consoles, Uprights, and Grands.